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These are questions our clients have frequently asked.

If you have a question that is not in this list feel free to call our office on (02) 6169 6845, email, or use our contact form

  • Can we provide our own music? Absolutely.  Clients can provide music on either CD or flash drive (not IPODS or phones).
  • Do you provide a microphone? Yes, we provide cordless microphones at our functions.
  • Do you travel? Yes we do travel, however there are travel charges associated with functions outside Canberra.  For a quote please email and specify the date you will have your function, and the location of the function.
  • Do you hire out equipment without an entertainer? No. Due to the insurance cover we have we are unable to hire equipment on it's own (including the bubble machine and lights).
  • What do you wear to functions? For weddings and other formal occasions we wear a suit, shirt and tie. For all non-formal functions we wear smart casual attire. 
  • Does it cost extra for all the options?
    No, we believe in providing the best service possible at the best price possible and therefore don't charge for our extra equipment and services.
  • What do we need to pay and when? Please see our terms and conditions page for further details about payment.
  • Can we see you perform before booking you?
    Whenever possible yes.  Where people ask us to show our services at a function before booking us we will contact our current clients and ask if they are happy for people to attend for a brief period of time. 
    Please be aware we need to respect our client's privacy and we may not be able to find an appropriate function in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Do we get to meet the entertainer before the function?
    Yes, for every function we have 2 meetings and the entertainer selected for your function is normally at the second meeting.  Please be aware that we have normal meeting times to ensure our entertainers are available to meet with our clients and if meeting times are not standard our entertainers may not be available due to prior commitments.
  • Can we choose our entertainer (DJ)?
    At this stage no.  We have a process in place where Vinn meets all clients for their first meeting to gain an understanding of what the clients want for their function including music style, and the public presence the entertainer needs.  When we receive final song lists before the final meeting for the function, we make a choice on which entertainer suits which function for the weekend in question, and then arrange for clients to meet with that entertainer.  (We will accommodate requests for a particular DJ whenever possible.)
  • Does the bubble machine make the dance floor slippery? No.  We have the bubble machine on a switch controlled by the entertainer, who only uses it in short bursts.
  • Does the bubble machine stain clothing?
    No.  We only use professional quality bubble mixture bought from specialist producers to ensure that all delicate clothing remains unblemished by the mixture (although we cannot be held responsible for the red wine stains).
  • Does the bubble machine cause skin irritation?
    No.  Again we have sourced a hypo-allergenic bubble mixture to ensure the skin is not irritated by the mixture (although we cannot be held responsible for the irritation caused by your new in-laws).
  • Do you have a smoke machine? Yes, however we do not bring this to functions unless specifically asked for by the clients.  You will need to check with the venue regarding smoke alarms if you want this option.
  • Do you have a strobe light? Yes, however we do not bring this to functions unless specifically asked for by the clients.
  • Do you get the music included with the video recording of the night?
    No.  Due to copyright laws we are unable to provide the music in the video free of charge.  For those of you who would like to have the music added post-function we encourage you to contact APRA and ARIA to discuss the necessary licenses.